Yes we do. By California law, all Stand Up Paddlers must wear an approved floatation device. Of course, our adult life jackets are subtle ones that wrap around your waist. After all, nobody wants life jacket shaped tan lines do they?


Do you provide life jackets?

Our house SUP boards are hand-shaped Becker boards. Our Yoga boards are hand-crafted by Ryan Harris and finished with bamboo using Earth Technologies no-fiberglass process. Bio-Resins, no harsh chemicals, no VOC's, no fumes, no breather mask. The result is a stronger, stiffer and lighter board than conventional SUP's. E-Tech. Helping keep the blue planet, green.

What kind of house boards do you have?

Yes and no. To rent your own board, you must be over the age of 15. But if you're younger than 15 you can still paddle because you can ride tandem on an adult's board. We have larger size boards to accomodate this and riding tandem is actually a lot of fun!

Is there an age limit?

Of course! Give us a call and we'll help you book your event.

Can Paddle House be rented for private events?

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