The biggest drag about SUP has got to be taking the board off your car and putting it in the water. Especially for petite women or those nominated to transport boards for the whole family.


At Paddle House, that's a thing of the past. Our Board Valet will help you get your board, or boards, off your car and, while you relax in the clubhouse with a cup of compimentary coffee or fruit infused water, the Valet will put your board and paddle into our private, padded launch slip for you.


When you're done, the Valet will help you get your boards out of the water, hosed off and back on your car again.


Of course, all of this gets even easier if you choose one of our hand-shaped, house boards. Just call ahead, tell us when you're going to be here, and your favorite board will be waiting in the water for you.


Some people make "Tee Times." At Paddle House we make "P-Times." That means Padddle Time baby!


When we say SUP like a V.I.P, we mean it.

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